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A Comprehensive New Born Care Management System

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About Us

Health of mother and the child depends on the quality of antenatal, natal and postnatal care provided at delivery points.Expert adolescent and pre-consumption care also has an impact on maternal and neonatal health. Hypoxia, Hypoglycaemia & Hypothermia are the most common causes of death or disability among neonates. All the delivery points (both public and private) will come under this network. Regular certified training to all categories of staff associated with maternal & neonatal care is also a part of this programme. Standard transportation facilities will be ensured to prevent hypoxia, hypothermia and hypoglycemia during transportation of neonates. The scope of the programme ‘NEO CRADLE’ has a wider platform as it covers all of these aspects of maternal & neonatal care in the entire Kozhikode district. The project is initiated by National Health Mission with the technical support of National Informatics Centre.